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Monday, December 31, 2012

How to achieve your goals, step 1: Prioritise

Most of us have hundreds of things on our wishlist of things we want to do, from losing our muffin top to buying our dream home. However, if you want to effectively tackle an important goal, it is important not to overload yourself and to go after one ambition at a time, starting with the goal most important to your overall happiness. Also, while it is good to aim high, it is also important to choose a goal that is attainable and which fits with your talents, lifestyle and who you are as a person – don’t go after a goal just because it is something you feel you should do.

How to achieve your goals, step 2: Get specific

We often make broad declarations about what we want out of life, such as “I wish I was fitter”, “I’d love to have more money” or “I want to make a difference to the world”. However, these vague, intangible goals are hardly ever accomplished as, in order to achieve your goals, you need to be specific about what exactly it is you want; how do you want to make more money? What could you do to make a difference? Set specific and measurable goals such as “I want to start exercising three times a week” or “I want to become the manager of my company” so that you have something to aim for and can measure your progress.

How to achieve your goals, step 3: Research your goal

In order to get where you want in life, you need to understand exactly how you can get there, and the best way to do this is to ask those who know. Whatever your ambition, there is bound to be someone out there who has already achieved it, and their advice and experience could prove invaluable. Browse the internet, take a course, read books on the subject and get in contact with people who have achieved your goal. By getting a clear of understanding of how others have achieved the same ambition, you will be well equipped to follow in their footsteps.

How to achieve your goals, step 4: Break it down

When you first look at your goal it may seem slightly overwhelming. How on earth are you ever going to score your dream job/run a marathon/write that novel? However, by breaking your overall ambition down into ‘mini goals’ (such as completing a 5K race or writing 200 words a day) you will not only make your goal seem more achievable but you will give yourself specific things to aim for along the way. Write down your plan of action – what you want to achieve and how you can get there, step by step. Then tick off each ‘mini goal’ as you achieve it to give yourself a visual representation of your progress.

How to achieve your goals, step 5: Take action

Often the reason we don’t achieve our goals is because we keep putting them off until a “better time” in the future. However, this better time may never come, and in actual fact the best time to start chasing your dreams is right now. Ask yourself what you can do this week to make your dream happen. What can you do right now? Also, evaluate what it is that is stopping you from going after your goal (such as lack of time or financial restraints) and see how you can work around these things. Don’t leave your goal as a distant dream; take action and start pursuing it right now.

How to achieve your goals, step 6: Believe in yourself

It may sound cheesy, but to achieve your goals in life you have to get in the right frame of mind, and that means believing you can do it. Confidence in yourself and your abilities can get your far, and setting out with a positive mind set is important. However, while many of us start out brimming with confidence, setbacks and perceived failures can soon diminish this, so it is important to take measures to stay motivated. Reward yourself and take pride in every little achievement, and remember that everyone who has achieved anything difficult has had little setbacks from time to time, so don’t let this take away from your successes.

How to achieve your goals, step 7: Share your dream

To help boost your motivation and stay on track towards your goal, it can help to share your ambitions and tell people about your goal. The more people you tell the more committed to the goal you will be, and the more people you will have to help you. Not only can friends and family offer you support when you need it, but they may be able to keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities and people who can help you to achieve your goal. Also, if you know someone else who is striving for the same goal, sharing your experiences and offering each other support is an even better way to boost your motivation.

How to achieve your goals, step 8: Clear your schedule

It can be easy to get so caught up in day-to-day life that there’s no time to strive for anything out of the ordinary. However, if you want something enough, it is important to make time for it. We often spend far too much time on things that aren’t that important to us or that don’t really need doing, but by cutting back on these times you will give yourself more time to go after your goal. Write down all the things currently clogging up your schedule and then identify those things you can cut back on. You can also maximize your time by getting up earlier or using your lunch hours more effectively.

How to achieve your goals, step 9: Be flexible

Sometimes, no matter how much background research you do, how many hours you put in and how meticulously you plot your route to success, things just don’t quite go to plan. However, the key to achieving your goals is to be flexible and ready to come up with a plan B (or C or D) when this happens. Rather than focusing fixatedly on minor setbacks in your plan, try to formulate several backup plans to help you bounce back from any setback and stay on track towards your ultimate goal.

How to achieve your goals, step 10: Remind yourself why you want it

While rewarding your progress and striving towards mini goals is a great way to stay motivated towards your overall dream, if you still find yourself feeling disillusioned from time to time it is important to remind yourself why you want to achieve this goal. Picture yourself having achieved this goal already and consider what it means to you. What will you gain from achieving this goal? How will it make you feel? If you do find along the way that you have forgotten why you want your goal at all, then perhaps this is a good time to reassess your goals and strive for a new ambition.


Monday, October 17, 2011


A new study finds a link between ginger supplements and a reduction of inflammation …

New research finds that ginger's anti-inflammatory properties may play a role in reducing colon cancer risk.

The study, published Tuesday in Cancer Prevention Research, found a link between daily ginger supplements and a reduction of inflammation in the colon, which researchers suggest is one step toward better understanding the role ginger root might play in preventing colon cancer. Prior studies in mice and rats have shown that ginger helped prevent the formation of tumors when the animals were exposed to a chemical that causes colon cancer. For the new study, researchers from the University of Michigan Medical School in the US randomly assigned 30 healthy adults to take capsules containing either 2 grams of powered ginger root (about two tablespoons of ground-up ginger root, noted the researchers) or a placebo powder every day for four weeks.Before and after the study, the researchers took tissue samples from the lining of the colon. They "tested these samples for chemicals called eicosanoids that increase inflammation in the gut," stated WebMD, noting that the ginger-eating subjects showed reduced inflammation.Another recent study published in The Lancet found that low doses of aspirin, taken daily and over the long term, cut cases of colorectal cancer by a quarter and the death toll from this disease by a third.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


(Kertas Maklumat ini disediakan untuk Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Kerja Tindakan Daerah Sik Bil 4/2011)

1.0 TANAMAN STEVIA (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni)

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) adalah sejenis tumbuhan renek jangka pendek (3-5 tahun) dari famili Compositae. Tanaman ini berasal dari Paraguay yang digunakan oleh penduduknya secara tradisional sebagai pemanis dalam minuman ubat untuk mengatasi obesiti, darah tinggi dan diabetes. Daunnya mengandungi bahan pemanis bukan gula semula jadi iaitu stevioside and rebaudioside A.

Tumbuhan ini bersifat sensitif kepada panjang waktu siang. Stevia yang tumbuh di kawasan yang panjang waktu siang melebihi 13 jam boleh mencapai ketinggian sehingga 60 cm sebelum berbunga, manakala di kawasan waktu siangnya kurang daripada 12 jam seperti Malaysia, pokok sudah berbunga pada ketinggian 20-30 cm. Tumbesaran stevia akan berhenti bila pokoknya mula berbunga. Oleh kerana hasil stevia adalah daripada daun, maka stevia perlu dituai sebelum ia berbunga. Di negara iklim sederhana dengan waktu siangnya melebihi 13 jam, penuaian dibuat 3-4 kali setahun, sementara di Malaysia oleh sebab stevia berbunga awal, penuaian yang lebih kerap terhadap pokok raton, 8 kali setahun perlu dilakukan.

Stevia telah mendapat perhatian akhir-akhir ini dalam usaha orang ramai mengurangkan pengambilan karbohidrat terutama gula dalam makanan dan minuman. Daunnya yang mengandungi bahan pemanis semulajadi dengan nilai kalori sifar dan tahap kemanisannya 150-450 kali lebih tinggi daripada gula tebu (sukrosa), sangat berpotensi untuk dibangunkan sebagai pemanis tanpa kalori dalam makanan dan minuman terutama dalam usaha mengurangkan gejala obesiti dan diabetes.

Minat terhadap penghasilan produk stevia di negara ini bermula pada tahun 70-an tetapi gagal dan berkembang semula pada tahun 2005 dengan tertubuhnya kilang pemprosesan pemanis stevia, Stevia Biotechnology Sdn. Bhd. (sekarang PureCircle) di Labu, Negeri Sembilan. Pada masa ini PureCircle mengimport bahan mentah (daun kering) dari China. Sekarang ini kilang tersebut menghasilkan 1,000 tan rebaudioside A tulin setahun dan memasarkan produknya ke Russia, USA, Indonesia, Taiwan dan Colombia. Selain PureCircle terdapat sekurang-kurangnya dua kilang lagi di Malaysia yang menghasilkan produk stevia iaitu GAN dan Raza Bio Marketing (Tan, 2009), yang diharapkan menggunakan bahan mentah tempatan.

Sebagai pengganti gula, stevia mempunyai potensi yang besar untuk kegunaan dalam pelbagai produk makanan. Malaysia sekarang mengimport gula dan sediaan gula bernilai kira-kira RM1.5 bilion setahun. Penanaman tebu untuk gula di Malaysia terbatas di Perlis dan Kedah sahaja, tambahan pula industri ini tidak kompetitif dari segi kos berbanding dengan negara-negara pengeluar lain. Sebagai pemanis semulajadi tanpa kalori, stevia mempunyai “niche market” yang tersendiri terutamanya dalam produk-produk penjagaan kesihatan. Pada ketika ini produk-produk tersebut banyak menggunakan pemanis sintetik terutamanya dari kimia Aspartame. Pemanis stevia yang juga telah diperaku selamat oleh FDA mempunyai kelebihan berdasarkan kecenderungan pengguna kepada produk-produk semulajadi pada masa ini. Oleh itu kerajaan sangat berminat untuk mengkomersialkan penanaman stevia di Malaysia untuk manfaat para penanam dan pengusaha di negara ini dengan harapan kilang-kilang produk stevia di Malaysia mendapat bekalan dari penanam dalam negara sendiri. Negara China merupakan penanam stevia dan pengeluar produk stevia terbesar di dunia ketika ini diikuti negara-negara lain termasuk Brazil, Kanada, Rusia, Korea dan India.


Kilang memproses stevia di Malaysia masih mengimport bahan mentah dari luar Negara. Kos pengeluaran stevia yang ditanam dalam Negara masih lagi tinggi menyebabkan kos bahan mentah yang dihasilkan tidak kompitatif dengan kos bahan mentah import yang lebih rendah. Halangan utama yang membantutkan usaha penanaman stevia secara besar besaran di Negara ini adalah ketiadaan teknologi penanaman yang mantap. Penyelidikan yang dilakukan sehingga kini belum dapat menangani dua masalah utama dalam penanaman stevia iaitu (i) varieti yang benar benar sesuai dan (ii) kaedah penanaman yang jimat buruh. Dari segi benih, sungguhpun baka yang lebih baik telah dikenalpasti tetapi kesan ‘photo period’ masih besar yang menyebabkan pokok masih cepat berbunga dan penuaian perlu dilakukan terlalu kerap sehingga 8 kali setahun. Keadaan ini meningkatkan kos pengeluaran sungguhpun hasil kumulatif yang diperolehi standing dengan Negara Negara pengeluar lain yan menuai sekali atau 2 kali setahun. Penuaian yang kerap dalam keadaan pokok masih kecil menyebabkan kandungan bahan pemanis stevioside dan rebaudiaside A rendah sehingga 2-5 kali ganda berbanding yang ditanam dikanada.

Masalah lain yang merencat usaha penanaman stevia di Negara ini ialah kesukaran mendapat bahan tanaman. Walaupun ia boleh didapati secara pembiakan tampang menggunakan keratin tetapi kadar pertumbuhan anak benih terlalu perlahan dan kadar kemandirian di lading rendah. Selain itu kadar kemandiran pokok raton setiap kali selepas penuaian juga rendah. Tanaman stevia juga didapati sensetif kepada gegaran dan ini menghadkan penuaian berjentera dalam usaha untuk mengurangkan tenaga buruh seterusnya kos pengeluaran.

Oleh yang demikian, penyelidikan masih terus dijalankan untuk mendapatkan variati berhasil tinggi yang tidak sensitif kepada ’photo-period, kaedah pembiakan bahan tanaman dan amalan kultura yang efisien dengan kos pengeluaran yang minimun.

Rujukan :
Ahmad Tarmizi Sapii, Mansor Puteh dan Mohd Norowi Abd Hamid

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Adalah dimaklumkan daripada lapuran tinjauan yang dijalankan dilapangan didapati beberapa kawasan padi di daerah Kuala Muda, Yan dan Kota Setar telah diserang oleh penyakit Karah Tangkai pada tanaman padi MR219 musim ini. Penyakit ini disebabkan oleh kulat Pyricularia oryza yang menyerang daun dan tangkai padi. Serangan ini menyebabkan tangkai padi reput, patah dan padi tidak berisi dan kehilangan hasil tinggi.

Untuk kawalan penyakit ini terutama pada tanaman padi yang baru terbit adalah disyorkan disembur dengan racun kulat seperti isoprothiolane (Fuji one)/azoxystrobin (Amistar)/carbendazim/benomyl/tricyclazole (Beam) atau racun kulat berdaftar dipasaran untuk kawalan penyakit karah. Cara penggunaan adalah mengikut arahan pada label keluaran.

Untuk tindakan kawalan musim hadapan Amalan Pertanian Baik seperti bakar jerami, rawatan biji benih, penggunaan benih yang rintang, pemantau sawah perlu kerap dijalankan dan penggunaan racun kulat yang disyorkan.

Rozaidi Bin Abdul Rahman
Pegawai Pertanian daerah Sik
13 Feb 2011

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Ladang Anggur Tasik Bris diusahakan oleh Excel Agrotech Sdn Bhd dimiliki sepenuhnya oleh bumiputera. Kewujudan ladang ini lahirnya dari inspirasi pemilik syarikat ini sendiri yang mempunyai hobi menanam pokok dan berkebun.
Excel Agrotech Sdn Bhd (2007) mengusahakan dua ladang anggur terletak di Kampong Ternas, di buka pada November 2007 dan Ladang Anggur Sungai senam dibuka pada 2008. Excel Agrotech mempunyai 12 pekerja mahir, anak tempatan bagi menguruskan kedua dua ladang ini.
Purata keluasan ladang adalah seluas 4 ekar dan menempatkan 1000 pokok terdiri daripada dua varieti iaitu White Malaga dan Black ophal Grape. Manakala Ladang Anggur Sungai Senang pula seluas 30 ekar dan menempatkan 6000 pokok yang sudah di tanam .

Monday, July 26, 2010



Pemilik tanah perlu hati hati terima tawaran pemasaran hasil tani

Kementerian Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani menasihat pemilik tanah supaya tidak mudah terpedaya terhadap tawaran dari syarikat syarikat tertentu yang menawarkan khidmat pemasaran hasil pertanian.

Untuk bacaan : sila rujuk Utusan Malaysia 21 Julai 2010